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Bridge Matches! A wrap-up from 2011! December 9, 2011

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We talk about The Bridge pretty often (because it’s so cool!) but here is the real “meat and potatoes” if you will. These are the connections that have been made between Bridge graduates and local organizations that needed their help on their board of directors!

The Bridge is a training course that covers the basics in nonprofit board and government commission service. Following the training sessions, Seattle Works is committed to working with each individual who is ready for service! We take time to get to know the graduates, their skills, interests, availability, etc. and suggest potential organizations where they can make a connection and hopefully join their board of directors.

Matches made in 2011:

Stacy Wedlake – City of Seattle’s Citizen’s Telecommunication and Technology Advisory Board

Carolina Fattoruso – Crooked Trails

John Bianchi – Homestead CLT

Sara Colling – Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle

Ryan Knuttgen – UHCCA (University Heights Community Center Association)

Jose Rodriguez – Northwest Girls Coalition

LeAnn Langston – Northwest Girls Coalition

Leigh Tucker – Youth in Focus

Kelly Lennox – Friends of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

Joshuah Marshall – City Right’s Human Commission

Robert Noble – Many Lights Foundation

Brian Hsi – Citizens’ Telecommunication’s & Technology Advisory Board

Andy Dyer – Downtown YMCA

Elexa Sin-Sanders – Downtown YMCA

Holly Wyrwich – Flash Volunteer

Marissa Jenkins – Seattle Works

Ericka Sisolak – TIPS (Teens in Public Service) – committee

Adam Parast – TIPS Committee

Stacy Oda-Segun – SANCA

Janis Jung Lee – HSDC (Hearing Speech and Deafness Center)

Eric Laliberte – People for Puget Sound

Julie Bianchi – NDOA

Austin McNamee – Social Venture Partners

Devor Barton – Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

Mark Hancock – UW Certificate in NP Management Advisory Board

Michael Hendrick – The Center for Wooden Boats

Kristen Grant  – Team Up for Nonprofits

Helen Lundell – Feet First

Anne Fisher – Youth in Focus

Jamie Campbell – Sustainable Paths (grants committee)

Isla McKetta – Richard Hugo House

Brian Nash – Flash Volunteer

Jenny Zenner – Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability


Are you a Bridge grad that is now serving on a board, committee or government commission? Let us know! Email Page –

Interested in joining this list of leaders? We’ll be offering several session in 2012 that you can get in on!


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