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Innovation Hub Summit: making time to think (#ihubs) December 12, 2011

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With all the do, do, DOING at Seattle Works, I’ve been trying harder lately to take make sure I’m taking enough time to step back and THINK. It’s important to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle (of which there is plenty!) and really consider how Seattle Works can be the most amazing resource possible for our community.

HandsOn Network’s Innovation Hub Summit couldn’t be coming at a better time. A week of uninterrupted thinking and planning with smart people… for FREE? This does not often happen in the nonprofit sector. At least not to me! If I weren’t so tired from heading to the airport at 4am, I’d be downright giddy.

The Summit kicks off Monday, just outside Atlanta. I’m going to make an attempt to share my thoughts on our blog throughout the week, as well as on Twitter via #ihubs. Stay tuned and if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas – let me know!

best, T

Tara Smith, Executive Director

p.s. Board Chair Sarah Haeger and I are here because Seattle Works was named one of ten national Innovation Hubs by HandsOn Network. More info at:


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