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We be scrum’n January 20, 2012

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The hottest topic this week is the SNOW!  People love it, then they hate it, then they love it again and now they’re sad the melting has begun. Here’s what we know about the snow – it doesn’t slow us down!

Seattle Works moved to a cloud solution a few years ago, which means that each member of our team is able to work from anywhere with internet.  It’s pretty incredible actually.  This “off” week has meant a ton of time for planning, catch-up, some re-scheduling and tons of focus time!

In this type of work environment, it’s easy to get disconnected from team members because we’re all so independent.  Enter… the daily stand up meeting!

We took a page from our tech friends and implemented a piece of the scrum approach. We used a call-in bridge to virtually do a stand up meeting with our whole team!  In a less than 15 minutes, each team member has a turn to talk about what they accomplished yesterday, what they’re planning to accomplish today and any obstacles that are in their way.

It’s simple, effective and speedy!  Especially when we’re snowed in…


2 Responses to “We be scrum’n”

  1. Laura Ford Says:

    I love it! Scrum is so handy. 🙂

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