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Quick Feedback from The Bridge February 28, 2012

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Over the weekend we kicked off another session of The Bridge training course.  28 people spent four hours of their Saturday learning what it takes to be an effective board member. After each session we request some quick feedback about the course and thought we’d share some with you:

What did you find most beneficial during today’s course?

“I really enjoyed the nonprofit leadership sector. I felt extremely motivated and excited to find a board that shares a similar passion!”


“Hearing from an ED and using an actual organization’s balance sheet in the finance presentation.”


“Interaction mixed with the training was really helpful. I loved the different facilitation techniques used.”


“I came in with basically no knowledge, so the general overview was great. Especially just realizing that there are so many different types of boards.”


“All of it was great – starting with ice breakers to having different presenters. Thought having Era (ED) speak was most insightful.”


Making some news, getting a mug February 27, 2012

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Oscars, schmoscars – Seattle Works is hitting the screen via Comcast Newsmakers!

The interview is available on YouTube and has been showing on tv in conjunction with CNN Headline News.

It’s five minutes of big picture perspective on Seattle Works, including a shout-out on being selected as an Innovation Hub.

Thanks Comcast for the opportunity (and the mug!)

– Tara


Faces of Seattle Works

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It’s not all that often that our team is all in the same place, at the same time.  We take the “divide and conquer” strategy to an extreme most of the time.  Of course we collaborate and work together when it make sense!  This particular photo was taken at CityClub’s 2012 Legislative Preview event. Check out their recap of the event, especially their informative and fun lightning round!

From the left is Jenna, Page, Bevin, Tyler, Tara and Ellen.  Photo taken by Lucien Knuteson

Don’t know any of us yet?  Here’s a super short breakdown of what each of us do… I’m trying to make it brief!

Jenna, Volunteer Programs Coordinator – runs Team Works and Hot Projects

Page, Volunteer Leadership Coordinator – runs The Bridge

Bevin, Outreach Manager – communications, Election activities, Seattle Works Day

Tyler, Operations Coordinator – technology guru, ensure all operations run smoothly

Tara, Executive Director – strategic oversight, fundraising, generally the keeper of anything and everything

Ellen, Project Management Coordinator – runs HandsOn Leadership


Thanks to The A Team! February 24, 2012

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The A Team is a Team Works team that volunteer together one Saturday a month for four months.  Laura is their fearless volunteer leader, and their last project was at the Resource Conservation Landscape – a brand new project for the community center, which is a historic building in Magnuson Park. This new landscape will fill the beds next to the building with a beautiful and sustainable demonstration garden. The coolest part is that it’s going to be used to teach the public about how they can use to make their own current (or future) home landscaping more sustainable!

Dear Laura and Team,
Thanks so much for the incredible changes you made to the Resource Conservation Landscape last weekend!  What a major improvement for the soil and the tree health, and to further our goals for the landscape.  Everyone has been commenting on how great the Atlas Cedar bed looks even without any new plants yet!  Your team worked so hard removing all the scraggly grass and digging through the hard compacted soil to incorporate that mountain of compost and get air back into the soil – knowing how much healthier the tree and the hundreds of new groundcover shrubs will be in that “home” makes me feel good every time I walk past it.
Thanks again to the whole team for their dedication and hard work, and to you for leading them to the Resource Conservation Landscape!

Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs


Seattle Ranked Most Generous City! February 17, 2012

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The Puget Sound Business Journal reported findings from Convio, Inc. that Seattle is ranked NUMBER ONE in the nation for online giving. Read the full article:
This isn’t all that surprising given the history of generosity in our city and the clear technology focus we enjoy in Seattle.  It’s still nice to be reminded of how awesome our city, our community and the place we call home is!


“…The Bridge prepared me to ask the right questions – of the nonprofits and of myself” February 16, 2012

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“I participated in The Bridge program in the Fall of 2011 and connected with a number of great organizations seeking new board members.  No two boards are alike, and The Bridge prepared me to ask the right questions – of the nonprofits and of myself – while exploring opportunities for board service to find a great mutual fit.

I really connected with Team Up for Nonprofit’s mission to build capacity for nonprofit organizations by cultivating a new generation of engaged supporters through the power of music and social media. In addition to providing monetary support through the funds raised at Team Up’s Gigs4Good shows, Team Up helps each nonprofit build awareness with young audiences and develop a strong foundation for future outreach and engagement. I enjoy volunteering for a number of different types of nonprofits, from animal rescues to conservation organizations, so I especially appreciate the opportunity to support a variety of local nonprofits through my work with the Team Up board.

The board of directors is young and actively involved, and the passion of Ryan Hodgson, Team Up’s founder and president, for the organization and the local nonprofit community is consistently inspiring.  As the Communications Committee chair, I work with over a dozen volunteers who lend their skills to build excitement for each upcoming Gigs4Good show, outreach to music and nonprofit bloggers and engage our online following.  I look forward to helping this young and growing nonprofit continue to bring together Seattle’s music and nonprofit communities to support many deserving local nonprofits in 2012.”       -Kristen Grant

Want to follow Kristen’s lead?

Sign up for the next Bridge training course starting on Sat 2/25 –


News Flash: Innovation Hubs Share Ideas, Inspiration February 7, 2012

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From the Points of Light Blog…

“Leaders from HandsOn Network’s 10 Innovation Hubs recently came together for a five-day summit near Atlanta to share creative ideas, develop new strategies to engage volunteers and create cutting-edge community engagement models that can be replicated across the network.

“The summit was an intentional and strategic deep dive into innovation and how it is applied to community challenges in a rapidly changing world,” said Tara Smith, executive director of Seattle Works. “I think it ignited a conversation that would have otherwise not happened and will yield powerful results for our role in community transformation across the country.”

Read the rest of the article: