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Thanks to The A Team! February 24, 2012

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The A Team is a Team Works team that volunteer together one Saturday a month for four months.  Laura is their fearless volunteer leader, and their last project was at the Resource Conservation Landscape – a brand new project for the community center, which is a historic building in Magnuson Park. This new landscape will fill the beds next to the building with a beautiful and sustainable demonstration garden. The coolest part is that it’s going to be used to teach the public about how they can use to make their own current (or future) home landscaping more sustainable!

Dear Laura and Team,
Thanks so much for the incredible changes you made to the Resource Conservation Landscape last weekend!  What a major improvement for the soil and the tree health, and to further our goals for the landscape.  Everyone has been commenting on how great the Atlas Cedar bed looks even without any new plants yet!  Your team worked so hard removing all the scraggly grass and digging through the hard compacted soil to incorporate that mountain of compost and get air back into the soil – knowing how much healthier the tree and the hundreds of new groundcover shrubs will be in that “home” makes me feel good every time I walk past it.
Thanks again to the whole team for their dedication and hard work, and to you for leading them to the Resource Conservation Landscape!

Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs


One Response to “Thanks to The A Team!”

  1. Laura Skelton Says:

    What an awesome note to receive! Emily and the crew at Magnuson are so dedicated!

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