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Faces of Seattle Works February 27, 2012

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It’s not all that often that our team is all in the same place, at the same time.  We take the “divide and conquer” strategy to an extreme most of the time.  Of course we collaborate and work together when it make sense!  This particular photo was taken at CityClub’s 2012 Legislative Preview event. Check out their recap of the event, especially their informative and fun lightning round!

From the left is Jenna, Page, Bevin, Tyler, Tara and Ellen.  Photo taken by Lucien Knuteson

Don’t know any of us yet?  Here’s a super short breakdown of what each of us do… I’m trying to make it brief!

Jenna, Volunteer Programs Coordinator – runs Team Works and Hot Projects

Page, Volunteer Leadership Coordinator – runs The Bridge

Bevin, Outreach Manager – communications, Election activities, Seattle Works Day

Tyler, Operations Coordinator – technology guru, ensure all operations run smoothly

Tara, Executive Director – strategic oversight, fundraising, generally the keeper of anything and everything

Ellen, Project Management Coordinator – runs HandsOn Leadership


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