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Thank you Tegan! March 5, 2012

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Do you all remember Tegan?!

She spent a great year here with Seattle Works as an AmeriCorps member coordinating and leading The Bridge program and contributing so SO much to this organization.

Last week we got a package in the mail and it totally made our day/week/month!  After Tegan wrapped up her year of service she returned home to Colorado to begin a Master’s program in Library Information Sciences with a museum/archival focus.  She also went back to work at the bookstore we had heard her talk about so fondly.

The package included a bunch of awesome books that we’ve been wanting to read!  Plus some amazing tea that looks fancier than the selection we normally keep in the office, and this note:


“Hey Seattle Works –

Here’s a gift to say THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FRICKING AWESOME. No really… you’ve inspired me to switch things up a bit with school – I’m starting a MA in Nonprofit Management program this year. Bottom line: you were great, still are and I miss you all. I hope things are going well – come visit!”

– Tegan


We wish you nothing but the best Tegan and are so happy to hear of your continued success!


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