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Five Reasons to Grab A Ticket to #Gigs4Good Thurs 4/12! April 11, 2012

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Team Up for Nonprofits presents Gigs4Good this Thursday 4/12 7 – 11pm, benefiting Seattle Works. $20 in advance.

There are so many reasons to buy your ticket today!

5. The music is good!  If not, GREAT!

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, throw your headphones on, hit play and let it carry you through today:


How you doing?

4. The show is being produced by a fellow nonprofit – Team Up for Nonprofits!

A minimum of $15 of your $20 advance ticket goes to Seattle Works.  That’s incredible.  With Team Up, you buy the ticket, they bring the music and nonprofits get the money.  That is awesome sauce.  Your ticket makes sure this can keep happening:

3. The weather has been ab-fab. Time to take advantage of a rooftop patio.

Have you seen Hard Rock’s patio? Well I dare you to find a better one in Seattle my friends.  Perfect for a little pre-game beverage if you know what I mean. Don’t worry, if Seattle’s true colors come through and it’s raining they have some fancy cabanas.

2. Seattle Works is known for bringing together nice, fun people – and this is no exception. Come meet some of them!

Almost 5,000 people are on this facebook event!  That’s because people are connected and looking to mix, mingle, network and meet new folks.  Come to move, shake, do your thang.

1. You ❤ Seattle Works and want to support us!

$20 is likely cheaper than your average night out – right?! Affordable philanthropy – don’t mind if we do.  We’re gearing up for Seattle Works Day on Sat May 19th, which is our largest annual day of service and gets 1,300 people out in our community to give back. Seattle Works gets you connected to your community… and Seattle Works Day is just one way that we do it.

Grab your tickets to Gigs4Good and we’ll rock out with you on Thursday!


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