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The Coolest Way to Celebrate 30! April 16, 2012

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“Last summer, a friend was soliciting ideas for his wife’s 30th birthday, and I told him, “Just pick something she loves to do, invite her favorite people to do it with her, and she’ll be happy.” In her case, that would be eating hummus and exercising, so I’m glad he did not follow my advice.

But that got me thinking about my 30th birthday, in May 2012. I took the guesswork out of it for my husband, Tom, by telling him that I wanted to celebrate by volunteering.


I first learned about Seattle Works after moving here in 2007, and Hot Projects were my gateway drug to Team Works, the Bridge, and Seattle Works Day. It’s the combination of meeting fun and committed people, doing tangible and measurable good, and connecting with community organizations that make SW so appealing to me.

So when it came to planning my big 3-0, I knew that SWD would be perfect. Good timing, plus the free food and drink means that I don’t even have to clean the house and cook dinner order pizza for everyone. I’m looking forward to introducing some new friends to the organization and to the joy that is spending a few hours on a Saturday giving back to the community.

Look for Team Turkey Sub on May 19 – I will be the one with the huge smile on my face, doing something I love with my favorite people.”   

-Holly Wyrwich

Sign up for Seattle Works Day and join us:

You can form your own team, or join the Seattle Works team!


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