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Welcome Katie – Our New Program Manager! April 26, 2012

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Hey all, I’m Katie and I’m Seattle Works’ new Program Manager! In my first few days, my only great achievement was not (yet) locking myself out of the building. What I can say about what’s to come is that I’ll be working closely with the rest of the SW team to build an exciting new program (stay tuned!) and continue working with our incredible volunteers and community partners to ensure that our programs are equipping you with all the tools you need to make a difference in your community.

How’d I get here? In typical Gen Y fashion, I think. After four years of drinking the Jesuit kool-aid at Seattle University, I finished undergrad knowing that I wanted to do work that would build a community excited about learning and service, but didn’t know what that work would entail. I started off organizing community legal service programs and volunteer projects for law students—while simultaneously studying museum education and volunteering as a museum docent. Neither scratched my professional itch sufficiently—I knew I needed something “bigger picture.” So, I took my interests in public service, education and social justice to New York City, where I completed my MA in Education Policy and worked to run an experimental after-school program in low-income schools. I became fascinated by the ways nonprofits, neighborhoods, and schools worked together to support students—and make their communities stronger.

… which is what ultimately brought me to Seattle Works. In 2011, after making my way back to Seattle, I signed up for the HandsOn Leadership program with the hope of building project management skills while volunteering with an education nonprofit serving local schools. In the process, I accidentally fell in love with the Seattle Works vision—a thriving community of actively engaged individuals. So, seven years after setting out the loose goal of finding a work that builds an engaged, service-minded community, I’m here at Seattle Works working to do just that. I couldn’t be more excited about the work/years ahead and look forward to getting to know all of you current and future Seattle Works friends!

What else about me? I’m a food nerd. I spent a summer working on a farm, now volunteer teaching cooking classes to elementary and middle school students, and think baking bread on a Sunday morning is the cure for all that ails. I grew up in Washington but my favorite place in the world is Coney Island—I love my co-op like a Seattleite and eat pizza like a New Yorker. My other dream job? Being Stevie Nicks.


2 Responses to “Welcome Katie – Our New Program Manager!”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Seattle Works is SO lucky to have Katie!

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