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Spotlight on a Bridge Graduate:Yeletta Banks May 17, 2012

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When did you take The Bridge?

In the Fall 2011

Who are you currently serving with? What about this organization drew you to them?

I am currently serving on the Steering Committee for Street Yoga, which is based in Portland, Oregon. I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and understand how it can change lives. Street Yoga shares yoga with kids in need. Participants may struggle with homelessness, trauma, abuse, behavioral issues, poverty or addiction.

 What was the process of becoming a member like?

The Executive Director contacted me after a missed connection at a Speed Dating event sponsored by Seattle Works. She and I met at a local teahouse to discuss the opportunity. I expressed my direct interest at that meeting. The Executive Director presented my information to the other committee members at their next meeting. Then I was invited to sit in on a meeting where I met other committee members. There were two other Seattle Works graduates visiting the same meeting, so it was a night of introductions. The committee was very welcoming. After meeting the other members, the committee voted in our absence. A week later, we were asked to join the committee. Overall, it took about 6 weeks because the committee meets only once a month.

What are you excited to work on as a board member?

Believe it or not, I am excited about fundraising and the operations of this branch of Street Yoga. Fundraising is a challenge and I like planning events that our donors will enjoy. Fundraising also builds relationships, which are important within a community. This branch is relatively new and small which makes our current operating decisions the basis for future decisions. We are figuring things out as we go and identifying what works. It gives us a great opportunity to grow and manifest the vision of the organization.

 What is one thing from The Bridge that you remember and are excited to apply in your upcoming service?

Connections. The Bridge exposed me to the many avenues of service within the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits want help and can help each other. Being new to the area, I had no idea how much help was needed.


Interested in taking The Bridge? Check out the upcoming dates and course information:


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