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The Bridge Goes to Microsoft June 20, 2012

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Last Wednesday Seattle Works packed up and took the show on the road. And by “show” I mean The Bridge training, of course! Seattle Works started partnering with for-profit corporations in 2009 when we coordinated a Safeco Bridge and we have gone on to work with Microsoft and Boeing. A large group of Microsoft employees came to the training last week, some of them to learn more about boards and to jumpstart their service, others to gain skills and ideas for the boards on which they are currently serving.

Katherine Taylor Hurley the Volunteer Program Manager at Microsoft Citizenship and Public Affairs said of the day, “We had 39 trainees join us for the all-day session, which I would say was one of our most successful yet. Great turn-out, highly-engaged audience and good energy from trainers and trainees alike.”

And our participants were having a good time too! Here is what the folks at Microsoft had to say:

“Fundraising was a great opportunity to learn about the most critical aspect of serving on a board. Given my novice understanding of nonprofit financials, the financial section was also very helpful.”

“This was highly practical content focused on the “how” of serving on a board. It gave me a lot to think about!”

“My most significant takeaway is that the business and financial model for nonprofits is dramatically different from corporations and they have many different stakeholders.”

“This training consolidated all info needed for structured fundraising and organizing nonprofit boards. It was useful to see all of it in one place!”

“Excellent instructors/presenters and super relevant content.”

“It was really important to get an overview of what it takes to succeed in serving on a board. I loved the bit of resources we received to read/research more.”

“Fantastic all around! Thank you very much for offering this opportunity!”

 Thank you to our supportive partners at Microsoft and to our dedicated volunteer trainers and nonprofit partners that helped to make this event happen!


Jennifer Boehme Kumar, Nonprofit Overview

Erin Welch, Financials

Julie Bianchi, Fundraising

Mike Quinn, Microsoft in the Nonprofit World


Elizabeth Hall, Child Care Resources

Judy Pigott, ArtsWest

Peg Giffels, Springwire

Interested in taking The Bridge? Find out more.


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