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From our friend in the reserves… July 11, 2012

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At Seattle Works, we like to share stories from our supporters.  We love to hear about people’s experiences with Seattle Works and hear feedback.  Here’s a testimony and a little story about a Seattle Works Day t-shirt from one of our friends in the reserves:

Sporting the 2012 Seattle Works Day t-shirt

Thanks to everyone at Seattle Works for the t-shirt!
I truly missed not being able to participate in this year’s event (even though I spent time in Hawaii for military duty…not too bad).  I look forward to doing other volunteer opportunities throughout the year though.  Last year my experience was one that was very memorable.  I signed up through a group from work without knowing anyone else on the team.  At the project we were all split up for the most part but this one group of friends that were working the project I was assigned to started general conversation with me.  We spent the majority of our time pulling English ivy and making small talk and joking (mainly about this one lady that was not happy we were pulling ivy that she’d planted).  To make a long story short they were really cool, nice individuals that even made sure to look for me at the after party.
Also, I’ve made a really good friend all from a conversation sparked in the hallway at work with a guy who was wearing 2011’s t-shirt.  I love the idea of being able to give back to this great area I have been fortunate to call home for the past nine years and interacting with some of brightest, most compassionate people I’ve ever held conversations with.
– Chris
If you have an experience or story you would like to share with us (could be ANYTHING related to Seattle Works), just send it over to us, preferably with a picture.

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