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Magnuson Park Landscaping July 16, 2012

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Yesterday, Seattle Works did a volunteer project with Magnuson Park.  Magnuson Park encompasses 350 acres on Sand Point, and is the second largest park in Seattle after Discovery Park in Magnolia.  The park, which was formerly a Navy airfield, now offers many leisure activities including sports fields, a playground, a wetland restoration project, and more.

Our project involved landscaping at the Community Center.  The tasks included implementing a new irrigation system and also weeding, re-mulching and trimming the bird-friendly garden in front of the building.  We ended up having around twenty volunteers and managed to completely revamp the overgrowing jungle of a garden and lay the infrastructure for the new irrigation system.

If you’re interested in volunteering for future projects, check out our Hot Projects calendar.


One Response to “Magnuson Park Landscaping”

  1. kdlandscape Says:

    This is great work! We have to learn from this and start doing some more volunteer work. Great Project, Great Work To All Of The Volunteers That Made This Happen!

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