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Cloud Computing… Featuring Seattle Works July 17, 2012

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Seattle Works recently converted to Cloud computing.  Last month, NTEN published an article “Cloud Computing for Nonprofits: the Risks How to Overcome Them” by Megan Berry, senior editor of, in which Seattle Works was featured.  Here’s what the article said about us:

Seattle Works – One of three winners in 2011 of the Tech for Good contest sponsored by Microsoft and TechSoup, the nonprofit down-sized its physical office space and added virtual office space with Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The organization, which connects young adults with volunteer opportunities in the community, reduced its operating expenses by $20,000 – at the same time it expanded its number of volunteers, volunteer hours, and programs.”


Happy volunteers = happy workplace

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Does your company have an employee volunteering program?  Does it support volunteerism?  Here’s some food for thought on volunteerism and the workplace, re-posted from HandsOnBlog.

“Employee volunteering is essential to a company’s success because it builds employee camaraderie, creates a positive workplace, while also increasing or establishing loyalty. The following infographic illustrates the results of a study conducted by Deloitte.”


Magnuson Park Landscaping July 16, 2012

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Yesterday, Seattle Works did a volunteer project with Magnuson Park.  Magnuson Park encompasses 350 acres on Sand Point, and is the second largest park in Seattle after Discovery Park in Magnolia.  The park, which was formerly a Navy airfield, now offers many leisure activities including sports fields, a playground, a wetland restoration project, and more.

Our project involved landscaping at the Community Center.  The tasks included implementing a new irrigation system and also weeding, re-mulching and trimming the bird-friendly garden in front of the building.  We ended up having around twenty volunteers and managed to completely revamp the overgrowing jungle of a garden and lay the infrastructure for the new irrigation system.

If you’re interested in volunteering for future projects, check out our Hot Projects calendar.


Another round of the Bridge July 13, 2012

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Last night here at Seattle Works, we concluded the third and final session of another round of the Bridge.  If you didn’t know, the Bridge is Seattle Works’ dynamic training program designed to give you the basics in nonprofit and government board service.

Each round of the training is broken up into three sessions.  The sessions are three hours long each and held every other week.  Through the training, you’ll learn about roles and responsibilities of nonprofit and public board members and how to get involved.  The coursework focuses on:

  • nonprofit and public governance structures
  • financial and legal responsibilities
  • fundraising and resource development
  • personal reflection
Last night’s session, consisted of an informative Q & A Panel with several board directors from various nonprofits and a fun as well as insightful group simulation of board service.  All the instructors are passionate board members with many years of active board service under their belts.  As a summer intern at Seattle Works who’s only been to two out of the three sessions, I can already say that the Bridge has been very informative and certainly has piqued  my interest in board service.

If you’re considering becoming a board member or are just interested and don’t know where to start, check out the Bridge board training.  To learn more and sign up or to find out how to become a Bridge Partner, visit the Bridge page on our website.


A Perspective of Seattle from a Seattle Works’ Intern July 12, 2012

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Hey Everyone,

It’s Elyn, one of Seattle Works DukeEngage summer interns. This is my fourth week in Seattle and I cannot get enough of this great city or Seattle Works!

As part of the DukeEngage Seattle program, each student posts a weekly blog post about their experience in Seattle and the community partner they’ve been assigned to for the summer. In case you are interested in my perspective of Seattle and Seattle Works as a North Carolinian, here’s my blog post from last week:

“Hi from the Seattle Central Library aka one of the coolest architectural structures I have ever seen! My favorite part about this library are the multitude of diamond shaped windows that, on a rare sunny Seattle afternoon like today, let in rays of sunshine. As far as I’m concerned, the library is a must-see for anyone visiting Seattle.

Seattle Central Library

The view from where I was working on the 10th floor

 Last week was DukeEngage’s second week in Seattle and it was just as busy as the first. As a group, we experienced a traditional Moroccan meal – floor seating and no utensils…a unique experience! We also visited the Seattle Foundation which is one of the largest community foundations in the United States. The Seattle Foundation serves as a reputable and respected counsel for philanthropic giving in Seattle and the surrounding areas…” (Click here to read more).


From our friend in the reserves… July 11, 2012

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At Seattle Works, we like to share stories from our supporters.  We love to hear about people’s experiences with Seattle Works and hear feedback.  Here’s a testimony and a little story about a Seattle Works Day t-shirt from one of our friends in the reserves:

Sporting the 2012 Seattle Works Day t-shirt

Thanks to everyone at Seattle Works for the t-shirt!
I truly missed not being able to participate in this year’s event (even though I spent time in Hawaii for military duty…not too bad).  I look forward to doing other volunteer opportunities throughout the year though.  Last year my experience was one that was very memorable.  I signed up through a group from work without knowing anyone else on the team.  At the project we were all split up for the most part but this one group of friends that were working the project I was assigned to started general conversation with me.  We spent the majority of our time pulling English ivy and making small talk and joking (mainly about this one lady that was not happy we were pulling ivy that she’d planted).  To make a long story short they were really cool, nice individuals that even made sure to look for me at the after party.
Also, I’ve made a really good friend all from a conversation sparked in the hallway at work with a guy who was wearing 2011’s t-shirt.  I love the idea of being able to give back to this great area I have been fortunate to call home for the past nine years and interacting with some of brightest, most compassionate people I’ve ever held conversations with.
– Chris
If you have an experience or story you would like to share with us (could be ANYTHING related to Seattle Works), just send it over to us, preferably with a picture.

Destination Renovation at the SVI July 3, 2012

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From 2012.Q2 — Serve with Liberty at SVI

In my first week of being at Seattle Works, I had the chance to get involved in a hands-on project at Seattle Vocational Institute.  SVI provides basic skills, vocational and workforce training opportunities through open-entry, short-term programs that lead to jobs with a future.  It is the largest program in the Seattle area dedicated to post-secondary vocational education and enrolls more than 1,400 students each year.  SVI works with students who are changing careers, under educated, and under employed with the goal of helping them find promising careers, develop marketable skills, and secure reliable, fulfilling employment.

Last week, we managed to refinish two rooms on the first and fifth floor, as well as refinish and paint a flower garden mural on the outer wall of the parking lot.  We also did landscaping around the building.

From 2012.Q2 — Serve with Liberty at SVI

All of this couldn’t have been done without the effort of all the volunteers who lent their hand with the painting and landscaping.  There were two teams of volunteers from Safeco and Liberty Mutual, with a total head count of over 30.  The students of the Pre-apprenticeship Construction Training (PACT) program over at the SVI helped out in prepping the walls for the painting.  Erick Avila, the instructor of PACT, helped plan and supervise the work and was also just a really nice guy.  Of course, the mastermind behind the whole project was Seattle Works’ own Program Manager, Katie Tiehen, who worked tirelessly to organize everything and see the project through from start to finish.

As a measure of our success, the SVI’s administration was more than thrilled with what the volunteers accomplished.  Kenny Young, the Dean of Student Services, who also worked with the landscaping team, stated “I think you all just convinced me to switch to Safeco.  If you can do this much for my school, I can’t imagine what you can do for my car insurance!”  Erick Avila also had this to say: “Thank you! For all you have done for our school and the community, this brings joy and a better learning environment to our school.  We are very pleased with the end results.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you and all your team.  I hope this is not the first or last time.”

Lastly, all the volunteers expressed having a great experience, including myself and my fellow intern.  We all enjoyed meeting new people while helping out the community.

From 2012.Q2 — Serve with Liberty at SVI
From 2012.Q2 — Serve with Liberty at SVI

If you want to know more about the Seattle Vocational Institute, hit up their website.