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Hot Projects: Walk, Run, Roll for Thought! August 7, 2012

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Last week, Seattle Works volunteers helped out in the second annual Walk, Run, Roll for Though! hosted by Brain Injury Association of Washington, Headstrong, and Brainworks.
Last year over 50 families and survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury came out for the first walk.  It was a great success!  One family brought 20 family members and friends down from Skagit County to walk for their 20 year old daughter who is still in a wheelchair.  Another young man got up from his wheelchair so he could walk across the finish line.  It is a truly inspriational event!
This  year, our volunteers did another great job and this was what Headstrong had to say about them:
A Heartfelt Thanks to Will Brenes and the 30+ great volunteers from Boeing and SeattleWorks!
You gave up your Sunday mornings and showed up with fabulous energy to help make the 2nd Annual Walk, Run, Roll a great event!
You helped set up signs and tables, guided folks to parking, made sure they got their t-shirts, fueled everyone with bagels and coffee, cheered them on as they walked, ran, or rolled, and were there with wheelchairs if anyone got tired. You made everything run smoothly. You stayed late until everything was packed up. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support to all our participants.
There were profoundly touching moments from the family that wore their daughter’s artwork on their t-shirts to the young man who was determined to roll his wheelchair over the finish line under his own strength, and more.
Last year we had 50-70 attending, this year we had 240-250. We are excited for next year to be even bigger and would love to have you join us again.
We’ve heard some great ideas for next year, including a t-shirt design contest, an additional course loop for competitive runners. We’ll keep you posted when we start our planning for 2013.
All three organizations have Facebook pages and we’ll be posting photos soon. Our organizations websites are below if you’d like to learn more about our work with people recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury or are interested in other volunteering opportunities with us.
Thank you again from all of us on behalf of the families of HeadStrong, BIAWA and Seattle BrainWorks!
Thank You All!
– Desiree, Headstrong

This event was part of our Hot Projects, one-time volunteer commitments without any long-term obligation.  Check out our Hot Projects Calendar to sign up for upcoming opportunities.

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