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Stephanie Schuster describes Seattle Works as “fun with amazing people” August 13, 2012

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1. Name: Stephanie Schuster

    Neighborhood: The “Financial District” (Actually the International District)

    Years in Seattle: 3

    Occupation:  Financial Analyst for the Boeing Company

2. Where is your favorite place to go in Seattle?

I love to run around Greenlake but I find absolute serenity standing along the waterfront of Puget Sound watching the harbor seals playing in the waves.

3. Your first interaction with Seattle Works was…?

I think my first interaction with Seattle Works was on a Hot Project with the University District Youth Center back in 2009. We were helping to clean and repaint the center and there were so many young professionals who rolled up their sleeves and got dirty after work that I just had to sign up for another event to meet more of these amazing people.

4. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in the Seattle area?

That’s really a hard question to answer… I’m originally from Chicago so I really love to grab a Chicago style pizza at Kylie’s in Freemont, but I crave the biscuits and gravy from the 5 Spot on Queen Anne and if I really want to splurge Herb Farm in Woodinville is an AMAZING meal!

5. Are you involved with any other Seattle nonprofit organizations?

Yes, I also volunteer with Treehouse for Kids in their Wearhouse, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at their big events, the Ronald McDonald House family meals program, American Heart Association at the Heart Walk, and Forterra for Earth Day and Green Seattle Day

6. Which coffee shop do you frequent most?

Cafe Vitta on Prefontaine and Washington in Pioneer Square

7. What three words best describe your experience with Seattle Works?

Fun with amazing people  (OK, I know that is actually 4 words but three is just way too few words to describe the awesome experiences that I have had with Seattle Works over the last 3 years)

8. Mariners, Sounders, or Seahawks?

Of those three the Sounders are the best! But my favorite sports team will always be DA CHICAGO BEARS!

9.  What is your most (or first) memorable volunteer experience?

I have been volunteering since I was old enough to walk. My first volunteer experience was when I was still a toddler, my mother and I would bake cookies and bring them to the local nursing home to bring joy to some of the residents there. I don’t really remember much of that experience but it definitely set the tone for the rest of my life. I’d have to say the most memorable volunteer experience would be the first time that I went down to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I traveled there in January of 2007 with Habitat for Humanity and the place was still in ruins but all of the people were so uplifting, optimistic, and grateful for us being there that it just made me want to return time and time again. I have since returned to the gulf coast 4 times and it never ceases to amaze me how resilient those people are. They are amazing!

10. What makes someone a Seattleite?

A Seattleite is someone who is addicted to coffee, loves the arts, cares about and gives back to their community and the world, and loves the outdoors. In my book, you do not have to live in Seattle to be a Seattleite. 🙂

This weekly 10 question profile is Seattle Works way of highlighting and saying THANK YOU to all that our volunteers, leaders, community partners, board members, committee members, etc do for our community! We’re asking the same 10 questions to various Seattle Works participants as a fun way to feature the different ways to be involved with Seattle Works and in Seattle.

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P.S. In case you’re interested, the inspiration behind these interviews comes from NY Mag’s weekly blog post.


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