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Thank You Michael and Elyn! August 14, 2012

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Last Friday was Michael and Elyn’s last day at Seattle Works.  They, and the other 16 DukeEngager’s that were in Seattle this summer all wrapped up their eight-week terms with their respective nonprofits and returned home to prepare for the upcoming school year. Never heard of DukeEngage before? Read more about the incredible program.

While they were here they worked on a TON of things including: social media handles, metrics/tracking, half-year update, Swank auction item procurement, the Ballot Party, data clean-up and entry, our corporate project at Seattle Vocational Institute, 10 question profiles and so much more!

Team Seattle Works! From left to right, Page, Katie, Jenna, Eleanor, Elyn, Tara, Andy, Bevin and Michael

Thank you to both Michael and Elyn for not only choosing to spend your summer in Seattle, but for choosing to spend it with Seattle Works!  We appreciate all of the help you provided our team and wish you continued success in your futures.  Cheers!


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