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Chip In! Recap August 16, 2012

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Last Tuesday night, a group of 40 people joined Seattle Works on a rooftop in Belltown for food, drinks and a stunning view – and to put their money to work in their community.  It was our first Chip In! event, and we raised just under $1,000 in 90 minutes to support the work of some of our star HandsOn Leadership teams!

So how did it work? A $20 entry fee bought attendees 4 $5 chips to donate to one of the three teams pitching projects at the event. Teams from Explorations in Math, Magnuson Nature Programs and Youth in Focus were on hand to share their work and get the crowd excited about their upcoming projects. We kept things fast-paced and fun, with organizations pitching their projects in two minutes or less.      
And succeed they did!

  • Explorations in Math took home $305, which will buy 61 take-home math games for families who attend MathFests across Seattle area this year.
  • Magnuson Nature Programs earned $270, which will provide three field trips for students at Sand Point Elementary to visit and learn about their local ecosystems at Magnuson Park.
  • With $360 in hand, Youth in Focus will provide opening night receptions to celebrate traveling shows of student photography around the city.

Thanks to all of our HandsOn Leadership teams for volunteering to participate in the event as well as Ninkasi Brewing for providing delicious beverages- and all of you who showed up to Chip In!

Stay tuned this fall as Seattle Works develops even more ways for you to invest your money in your communities. Sign up for our Weekly Update to stay in the loop!


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