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Team Captain Orientation September 14, 2012

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The Team Works Team Captain Orientation last night went great! It was awesome to see so many volunteers embrace this leadership role. Team Captains represent the Seattle Works mission as they lead projects, engage with community partners and guide volunteer discussions and social events – and we appreciate every bit of their hard work.

I was nervous, as this was my first orientation, but that feeling soon vanished. As I began discussing responsibilities and expectations, the Team Captains were enthusiastic and excited about their leadership roles. They offered additional suggestions by discussing certain situations, and even indulged me in an icebreaker.  Picking projects was the cherry on top, as everyone seemed pleased with their projects! Overall, it was a great night.

“In the end, we’re here to volunteer.” – Team Captain Ben, talking about Team Works.

Registration for teams will open Mon 9/17! All of these captains are great leaders, but you can check out the motto’s for each team to see which fits you best. If you want to have a fun and rewarding experience helping the community, while bonding with others, sign up for Team Works!






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