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Team Works + Fun Projects = Your New Favorite Activity! September 18, 2012

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This past weekend brought success: all of the Team Works teams enjoyed their projects and had a great time helping the community, while bonding with fellow volunteers!

Like all of our organizations, Picardo P-Patch does amazing things for the community. The garden began with a group of students and parents, organized by a neighborhood activist. The food they grew was donated to the local Neighbors in Need program, a precursor to their current food bank program. Since that time, Picardo has donated tons of produce to local food banks, meals programs, senior apartments and housing shelters.

Bex Bradley, Team Captain of The A Team, tweeted: “Volunteered at Picardo P-patch today with @SeattleWorks. Had a great time weeding, harvesting, mulching and got myself a nice farmers tan!”

Picardo P-Patch reciprocated the enjoyment by posting this picture of The A Team on Facebook, with the caption: “Awesome Seattle Works team!!”

The A Team worked hard on the renovation of an area in the garden that houses the food bank shed and cleaning station.

This is exactly the kind of interaction we envision when connecting teams with community organizations. We love when both the team and the organization have a blast! That’s when volunteering becomes contagious, and both sides cannot wait to work with each other again!

Interested, but need a little more information? Well, here it is: Team Works is a unique volunteer program. It gives volunteers the opportunity to form stronger relationships with fellow volunteers, as well as community organizations. Volunteers sign up with fantastic teams every round and rounds are one project a month for four months, three times a year. Teams can also participate in challenges, which encourage volunteers to explore their communities even more!

To celebrate how awesome each Team Works volunteer is, Seattle Works organizes two parties; one party (the Kick-Off), is right before the round begins. We get volunteers pumped for their upcoming projects and send them off ready and excited! The second party (the Cool-Down), is at the end of the round – that’s when volunteers reflect on the good times, while bonding with the rest of the teams! Oh, and did I mention there will be food?!

Sound like fun? Join a team! Register for Team Works now, and see how great it feels to give back to the community, while enjoying yourself!


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