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Take Your Volunteerism to the Next Level September 19, 2012

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Have you ever wondered what else you can do to give your time, skills, and knowledge aside from doing volunteer projects, tutoring, or helping clean up a neighborhood? Here’s your chance!

The Bridge offers young professionals the skills necessary to be an effective board member. Help make the larger decisions for a nonprofit organization. Maybe you have a knack for fundraising, put those skills to good use by helping secure funding. Perhaps you’re a lawyer, tax guru, HR fanatic, or PR/marketing expert: all of these types of skills are just a few of the things the organizations look for when recruiting new board members.

Don’t necessarily fit in to one of those categories? That’s OK! Boards of Directors are made up of all different types of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills. There’s opportunities for connection with almost any type of experience.

Those pre-existing skills, linked with the training that The Bridge provides, makes a highly sought-after board member. Organizations are making a shift, more and more younger professionals are now serving on boards, public commissions, and committees. Don’t let your age discourage you from taking the next step in your community.

The Bridge

The Bridge is a 9-hr training that prepares participants to serve on nonprofit boards and public commissionsThe program covers board roles and responsibilities, nonprofit finances, fundraising and leadership skill development.

Course content consists of:

  • Nonprofit Sector Overview
  • Public Boards & Commissions
  • Nonprofit & Board Financial Management
  • Fundraising and Resource Development for Nonprofit Boards
  • Board Panel: What I Wish I Knew
  • Interactive Board Simulation

Learn more about The Bridge by visiting our website.

The next Bridge starts on Tue 9/25 6-9pm. Sign Up Today! Registration closes on Monday!

For additional information or questions,


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