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Ready to Serve? Seattle has you covered. September 23, 2012

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So, how does a city get one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the nation? While we won’t rule out that there’s a special civic engagement brew in the Seattle drinking water, we like to think it’s due in part to the handful of amazing organizations in our city working to connect volunteers and get Seattleites psyched about service.

Last month, Tara and Katie repped Seattle Works at a get-together convened by our friends at United Way of King County where we had a chance to meet and hear about other organizations connecting Seattle volunteers. We met folks from BEAN Seattle; Flash Volunteer; I Care, We Care; One Brick Seattle; RSVP; and The World is Fun. From high schoolers, to seniors, to those of us with smartphones attached to our hips, these organizations make doing something easy for everyone! Interested in learning more about them? There’s a great wrap-up of our meeting over at United Way of King County’s blog.

The meeting got us thinking: what special sauce does Seattle Works bring to this fantastic brew of organizations? We think it consists of a couple of things:

  • We give you the tools to stay engaged at every stage in life. At Seattle Works, we think you can give back in four key ways: your time, your skill, your voice and your money. Your ability to give in each way might fluctuate throughout your life, but we’re here to arm you with the skills to give what you can, when you can–for a lifetime of community engagement.
  • We develop emerging leaders–and put them to work. We not only think giving Seattle Works participants the skills to lead makes sense for our community, it makes sense for us! There isn’t a program at Seattle Works that doesn’t rely on the work of volunteer leaders. We wouldn’t have Hot Projects without volunteer coordinators, Team Works without Team Captains and The Bridge and HandsOn Leadership without our volunteer faculty.
  • We provide easy points of entry and opportunities for growth–all under the same roof. At Seattle Works, you can find a one-time volunteer opportunity, become a volunteer leader or take your service to the next level by training to become a project manager or serve on a nonprofit board. No matter how involved you want to be, we’ve got you covered!

Between the opportunities provided by Seattle Works and these other great organizations, we’re pretty sure there’s no longer an excuse NOT to get involved, Seattle. Get servin’!


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