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The Showdown: Birthday Pie Edition September 26, 2012

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Once a month everyone at the Seattle Works office gets together for our staff meeting. We talk about our goals, our highs and lows, and whatever happens to be on the agenda this month (hello Swank!). It’s great to have a chance to see what everyone  else in the office is up too, we’re a small but mighty team and always like checking-in with each other. We also got to participate in a branding exercise, filling out the questions ‘We are the people who….’, ‘No one can……as well as us’, and ‘Our impact is…’.

Throwing their pie into the ring

Today was no ordinary staff meeting though. Bevin, our outreach manager, had recently celebrated a birthday. And we wanted to celebrate her with homemade sugary goodness, which meant a pie off.

The birthday girl with a handmade pipe cleaner sign by Eleanor

Judging is serious work

It was an epic battle: Katie brought in an apple pie topped with a glorious streusel finish, and Andy delivered a boozed-up pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. In the end, only one could be the victor.

The team ate. And then ate some more. And finally, after much dithering (look at those serious faces!), cast their anonymous ballots. A special guest judge was brought in. Andy squeaked by with the win! But the real winners were the staff, since we all got two slices of pie. Jealous yet?


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