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Sneak Peek of HandsOn Leadership Projects October 5, 2012

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You might already know about HandsOn Leadership– our class that trains you in project management, volunteer management, conflict resolution, community engagement, fundraising, and more (and that you can sign up for right now!). But did you know that at the end of the class graduates have the option of signing on to put their new skills to use?

On the last day of class between 5 and 7 of our community partners will present the projects that they need a team for, the kind of team who will take ownership and make the project happen. Then graduates rank the projects they’re most interested in, I do a little matchmaking, and two weeks later everyone meets to get started.

What kind of projects are going to be offered to graduates of our Fall 2012 class? I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but thought I’d offer a little teaser of just a few of the projects we have lined up.

  • Working with a museum to improve retention and recruitment of volunteers
  • Help secure items for an auction and coming up with a sponsorship strategy
  • Scout venues, curate shows, and help with outreach for getting disadvantaged teens’ art out there

Excited yet? We are! Sign-ups are open and classes start Thursday 10/25, 6-9pm. Sign up or get more info.


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  1. […] of signing up to work in teams of 3 and manage a 2 to 9 month project with a partner nonprofit. We have some great ones lined up for fall! And have done some awesome projects in the past! 2. You’re ready to take on a leadership role. […]

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