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Emerging Board Members October 10, 2012

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Last night we had our second session of the October Bridge. This was just as eventful as the last. Our group of volunteer leaders are active, engaged, and becoming board members!

Our night started with a special visit from the Seattle Works Board Chair, Nick Brown. He talked briefly about the importance of the Bridge, then invited our participants to attend Swank.

Training started out with Duane Landon , 501 Commons, talking about Financial and Legal Responsibilities of a Board. Participants got a little more comfortable looking at financial statements such as Balance Sheets and Statements of Activities. They did a group activity to learn accounting terms such as assets, liabilities, accrual-based, and deferred revenue. “Financial statements are not as scary as they look,” said one participant. Overall, it the group has a better grasp on financials and accounting.

We then jumped right into Fundraising and Resource Development with Sergey Smirnov, Hamilin Robinson School  & Seattle Works Board Member. Participants learned how fundraising and asking for money is like dating. Getting to know the people/organization/company before jumping in with the ask. What’s your elevator pitch cocktail party conversation? After last night’s session about fundraising, one participant noted that “maybe I could ask for money…”

Resources such as BoardSource were provided to the group as places to get more information and reading about board service.

Our group of Bridge participants is about to wrap up their training in a couple weeks with a great Q&A Panel with some of our Community Partners and then an awesome Interactive Board Simulation with Jennifer Boehme Kumar returning along with Page Roth.

Our awesome volunteer faculty is doing such a great job preparing participants for board service. This group if 30 will be on their way to board service very soon!

The next session of the Bridge is Sat 11/10 & 11/17. Registration is open, so sign up today! Questions? Email:


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