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Panel of Seattle Works Rockstars Wows Our Board! October 20, 2012

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Once a year, we invite a guest speaker to a Seattle Works Board of Directors meeting to brief us on a timely topic in the community. This year, our board wanted to hear from Seattle Works’ program participants. So, Wednesday night we assembled a panel of rockstars from the Seattle Works community to tell us about their experience, why they do what they do – and how we can do what we do, even better.

We heard some great things about our programs and received some valuable constructive feedback in the process. Over the course of our 45-minute discussion, they reminded us just how lucky we are to have so many passionate and dedicated leaders in the Seattle Works community!

Our favorite responses came when we asked “What is it about Seattle Works that keeps you coming back?” We can’t say it any better than they did;* so, without further ado …

Tom Westfall, Hot Project Coordinator “Seattle Works has a synergistic effect that others don’t have, I don’t think.  Seattle is made up of mostly transplants so people don’t know each other and it’s difficult to find friends as a working young adult.  I find the more I put into this community, the more I care about my community and then the more I want to give back – and it just keeps going.  I appreciate that there’s no judgment with Seattle Works. There’s no one calling me saying that they’ve noticed I haven’t volunteered enough last month – it’s come as you are.”


Jennifer Boehme-Kumar, HandsOn Leadership and The Bridge Faculty, “The diversity of experience.  Even within the different groups, the different classes are so diverse and everyone brings a different experience and background with them. It’s awesome to have all of that in one room, working together, learning and sharing.”

Tara Smith (no, not our Executive Director!), HandsOn Leadership grad, “Everyone I’ve met from or through Seattle Works has been awesome.  They’re so fun to work with and that has been such a great experience.  I also like that I get to explore a different set of skills.  I’m giving a chance to learn and then use skills that I normally wouldn’t have a chance to develop – and that I can see that I really am making an impact on the organization I’m serving.”

Thanks to Tom, Jennifer and Tara, for joining us on Wednesday – and for the incredible work they have done and will continue to do in our community.

*We did our best to capture these quotes – any omission of a word or two was accidental!
** We also did our best to find a picture of Jennifer and wish we had one in our troves to share!


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