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Team Works Summer Round Goes Out With A Bang! October 23, 2012

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The last project of Team Works summer round was Saturday 10/20. The 10 teams went to 10 different organizations, and showed off their awesomeness by helping plant, move, process talking book players, sort donations, and set up a gala – among other things!

This round received high remarks; Shawn, Team Captain of the Oh So Dirty 30s team, wrote: “Our whole team really enjoyed this round and was kind of sad to see the round end this Saturday. We were all just curious as to when the the next round starts up and when we can start registering?” Right on, Shawn! We can’t wait to have your team back in Feb!

Shawn and his team volunteered at WestSide Baby, who provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, toys and equipment. They love our volunteers – and our volunteers love WestSide Baby! Interested in volunteering there? Well, you’re in luck! While the fall round of Team Works is in motion, you can help out by signing up to volunteer at WestSide Baby on our Hot Projects Calendar!

Angela, Team Captain of The Perennial Millenials team, also sent me an email to a link with pictures, stating: “We just finished up at the Seattle Children’s garden and had a blast – AND the weather held out!”

The Seattle Children’s PlayGarden improves the lives of children with physical or mental disabilities by providing them with full access to a safe indoor/outdoor recreation space and offering inclusive programs that encourage their potential. The work done by our volunteers strengthens the program by allowing the PlayGarden to use fiscal resources for programming and scholarships vs. grounds maintenance.

The Perennial Millenials did an amazing job, and had fun as well – something  obviously showcased in the photo below, where they made friends with a dinosaur bush! 

Seattle Works hosted a Cool-Down party at Piecora’s after the projects. Teams showed up, salad and pizza was served, and the conversation flowed! It was great hearing stories from this and past rounds. Mr. Miyagi’s Juju, a long standing team, loved their last project – which was to help set up the Green Gala & Auction for Seattle Youth Garden Works! In the words of a teammate: “Even though I didn’t understand which fork went where, we all had a blast!”

The next round of Team Works doesn’t start until Feb, but registration will begin in Jan, so mark your calendars!

A huge thanks to all of our summer round teams – you do amazing work, and these organizations couldn’t do it without you!


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