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First Fall ’12 HandsOn Leadership Session is a hit October 26, 2012

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Last night 24 emerging leaders gathered for the first night of HandsOn Leadership training. Taking between 5 minutes and over an hour and a half to get there, everyone had different motives for attending the training. A couple of things participants said they wanted to get out of it:
• Project leadership skills
• I hope to become more involved in the Seattle Community and learn to execute a project
• Being able to connect to the community
• Personal confidence
• Community engagement and NGO administration
• Networking + fundraising
• Resources that are useful to pursue a career in project management in the non-profit/philanthropy sector.
• Access to a project to improve my leadership skills
• The whole thing

We started off the night with a round of ice breakers, learning about how experienced everyone was in project management, how long people have lived in Seattle, and how much experience people have with nonprofits (we had three newbies who hadn’t ever worked or volunteered with nonprofits and are eager to catch up!). Then everyone settled down to dinner (great sandwiches from Pho Cyclo Cafe) while the structure of the program was explained and we discussed how project opportunities are chosen.

After a brief history of Seattle Works (exactly half the class found out about HandsOn Leadership from our e-mails, website, facebook, or twitter, but the other half was arriving new to Seattle Works), we got down to business. The stage was turned over to awesome presenters Carol Peters and Mary White from Point B Consulting, with an assist from Jackie Dervish for the first half of Project Management 101. Participants learned about how to pitch a project, plan a project, and align stakeholders, then were given a chance to test it out themselves with a fun scenario. Lots of questions were being asked, and everyone was excited to have the second half next week.

We took a short break and then joined back together for an activity to discover more about different leadership styles. Participants broke into groups and evaluated the pros and cons of each style, before working through a difficult scenario from their weakest style.

Really excited to see everyone again next week and learn more about project management and conflict resolution! Sad you missed out on this round? Our registration is now open for the January session. Our next session will be the 19th and 26th of January.


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