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HandsOn Leadership grads are transforming neglected lands into beautiful gardens October 28, 2012

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Guest post by Tara Smith (our volunteer not executive director)

Nine months ago, Magnuson Community Center’s Nature Program Director, Emily Bishton, took three eager Seattle Works Hands-On Leadership graduates (Sanjeeb Das, Liz Morris, and Tara Smith) under her wing with the goal of engaging them in the development, maintenance, and community education of the sustainable landscapes surrounding the Magnuson Community Center. Together they’ve raised $4065.00 in grants and donations, recruited 165 volunteers to help with 9 landscape stewardship and education events, and educated over 100 children and over 50 adults on the importance of resource conservation, wildlife habitat, and building sustainable landscapes during Discovery Days, Sand Pt. Elementary School field trips, visits by summer nature campers, and two Savvy Gardener classes.

As the project winds down, the progress that’s been made on the landscapes alone is visually astounding. The once barren and neglected land has been transformed into beautiful budding gardens that will provide many years of educational opportunities for the local community. Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks go out to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped plant, weed, and mulch in rain or shine! The final tasks for the team of three HOL graduates include final documentation of the project, helping create educational signage and brochures, and planning the dedication celebration to occur in the Spring of 2013.

Want to sign-up for HandsOn Leadership? Our next class will start in January and you can register now!


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