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Great Resource on Skilled Volunteers October 30, 2012

Filed under: Grab bag,Lead — seattleworks @ 3:13 pm

At Seattle Works we’re all about volunteers. We’ve got programs to capture all those civic minded folk who are looking to be engaged, whether through one time opportunities, repeated engagements, as project managers, or serving on boards. Having long term volunteers presents its own unique sets of challenges and rewards which is why it was so helpful to see this video from Nancy Long of the excellent resource 501 commons.

Nancy talks about the importance of matching a volunteer with skills to where they’re really needed in your organization, and the importance of being prepared for such a volunteer. She also details some of the fundraising benefits to having long term volunteers.

We’ll let you watch for yourself though and hear it straight from the expert’s mouth!

Looking to get your own skilled volunteer? Consider looking into our ‘lead’ programs- between HandsOn Leadership and the Bridge we might just have that special volunteer you’ve been looking for.


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