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How to Help in a Way That’s Actually Helpful November 2, 2012

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The United Methodist Committee on Relief just published a fantastic article on how to help in a disaster, such as Sandy. Feel like you’re not doing enough, and want to hop on the next flight over? Stall those ready-to-save-the-world feelings. Read on to see why.

Here are the two most common ways people try to help – that aren’t exactly helpful:

  1. Coming to the site of the disaster; communities and churches are already at full capacity hosting those that lost everything – they won’t have the capacity to host you.
  2. Sending clothing; donations collect everywhere, which then requires volunteers to sort through the clothes and possibly send donations elsewhere. It’s time consuming and takes time away from more important tasks.

So what can you do? Good question!

  1. Donate money.
  2. Assemble or purchase and send health kits.
  3. Volunteer – just not at the very moment. Put it on your calendar, and volunteer a few months down the road.
  4. Get prepared for future disasters – sign up for a training, and be ready.

Read the full article for all the details – the information will guide you to give in the most helpful way!

We commend everyone who is ready to help those in need – great job, awesome volunteers!


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