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Election Committee Debriefs and Looks To Next Year! November 3, 2012

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Thursday night the dedicated volunteers of the Election Committee met across the alley from the gum wall to debrief our election season events and their experience on the committee!

We discussed what went well at One Stop Ballot Shop:

– attendance (over 275 people)!

– location: Seattle Center was awesome

– photo booth was a hit

– candidate participation was impressive and appreciated

– and the list goes on for pages…

And we talked about what we should improve upon next year:

– different interactive elements to keep things lively

– better understanding of what people want out of the event

– more outreach earlier on so that we can include more groups into one event instead of having multiple debate watch parties across the city

– and so much more!

From left: Holly, Anna, Ivan, Jessica, Bevin, Megan and Carlo

And because we’re Seattle Works, and the quality of volunteer experience we provide is incredibly important to us, we asked for feedback on their committee experience.  We have some things to work on, like a longer lead time for planning, more actionable items for each member of the committee and working meetings.  Overall though, there was a lot of pride in the event that these volunteers crafted and executed!

The committee is amped about the mayoral race coming at us next year, but for now we have a current election to focus on!  If you’re interested in getting involved with this awesome (and fun) group of people, email and we’ll get you connected early next summer.

BIG THANKS to the committee volunteers: Ivan Barron, Neely Beltran, Anna Boone, Carlo Caldirola-Davis, Holly Decker, Nathan Hambley, Jessica Jones, Eric Shellan, and Megan Szerwo!


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