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The Bridge Welcomes Two New Faculty Members November 7, 2012

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The Bridge welcomes two new faculty members to our pool of volunteer leaders. 

The Bridge Faculty are a strong and mighty group of individuals who volunteer their time and skills to educate participants in the roles of nonprofit & public board service. They do this through three meetings a year and passion for giving back to their community.

I am very excited to welcome Jake Groshong and David Orace Kelly to The Bridge Faculty ranks. They will both be joining the Nonprofit Leadership Overview faculty beginning January 2013. Jake and David both have extensive nonprofit backgrounds and I am looking forward to getting them on board. Not only that, they also have a history of working together! Both attended graduate school at Seattle University together. Learn more about Jake and David by reading their bios below!

Jake Groshong
Executive Director
Balagan Theatre

Jake Groshong is the founder and Executive Director of Balagan Theatre. At Balagan, Jake has produced over 50 shows to great audience and critical acclaim. He has also worked at Balagan as an award-winning director (Arabian Nights, Big Love, The Full Monty), Actor (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, The Transylvanian Clockworks, Cloud 9) and designer (Elephant’s Graveyard, King Arthur and The Nights of the Playground, Death/Sex). Jake founded Balagan while working as an artist throughout the Middle East and has developed the company from a fledgling startup into one of the most successful mid-size theatres in the Northwest. Today Balagan runs the Erickson Theatre on Capitol Hill and has turned the venue into one of the most active arts venues in the city of Seattle. Jake holds an MFA from Seattle University in Arts Leadership.

David Orace Kelly
Executive Director
Federal Way Symphony

David Orace Kelly is the Executive Director of the Federal Way Symphony. As a leader in the nonprofit arts sector he has worked in fundraising, marketing, education, and management. Prior to working with Federal Way symphony he has worked with Balagan Theatre, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Intiman Theatre, Photographic Center Northwest, Youth Theatre Northwest, and many others. As part of the Theatre Values Project (2010), he has presented at The Washington State Arts Alliance Cultural Congress and Seattle University on the Ethics of Art. He holds an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University.

Learn what it takes to be a board member. The next session of The Bridge starts THIS Sat 11/10. Sign up!


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