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My, What Great Work Was Accomplished This Weekend! November 14, 2012

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Every month, I’m impressed by the amazing work Team Works teams do all around this city. On Sat 11/10, 13 teams partnered with 13 organizations, including Seattle Goodwill, Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, and Friends of Interlaken Park, to tackle tasks such as removing plants, processing book players and setting up for the Glitter Sale.

The A Team, led by Team Captain Bex Bradley, worked with Friends of Interlaken Park to restore West Montlake Triangular Park by removing invasive plants, adding ground covers and trees, and mulching.

Kari, the project host, was also impressed: “Last Saturday was fantastic!  Bex’s team of 9 had to keep moving to keep warm…working in a mixed bag of tasks managed BIG satisfying results.” Way to go, The A Team! Below are a few pictures showcasing their hard work.

Before:                                                                  After:
The work our volunteers did was part of Beyond Park Borders, which is Friends of Interlaken Park’s campaign to engage and educate neighborhoods and volunteers that its up to us to take charge and steward city green spaces: parking strips, traffic circles, under bridges and under passes, private gardens and vacant lots of invasive vegetation and its seedlings, natural areas and parks like Interlaken Park!

Their campaign is awesome, and we’re thrilled our volunteers could be a part of it.

Next month, Sat 12/8, The A Team – along with the rest of the teams – will team up with more awesome organizations like Friends of the Burke-Gilman at Sand Point, Nature Consortium, and WestSide Baby to help with various projects.  Have a blast, Team Works teams!

Want to learn more about Team Works? Email me at The next round is Feb-May, and registration begins Jan 2013!


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