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Taking Nonprofit to the Corporate World November 16, 2012

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This past Tuesday, The Bridge went to Microsoft. We delivered a customized version of The Bridge to about 25 Microsoft Employees.

What’s different you ask? Well, it’s a one day training from 9a-4p only for their employees. We cut a few things out, add a few other things, and before you know it – it’s The Bridge: Corporate Edition!

Things that stay the same:

  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Introduction to Fundraising
  • Financial Management for Board Members
  • Nonprofit Board Q&A Panel

Things that Change: 

  • Board Simulation gets replaced with Microsoft in the Nonprofit World

What’s Microsoft in the Nonprofit World you say? It is delivered by the fantastic Mike Quinn from Social Venture Partners. The session covers nonprofit vs for-profit culture. What are people’s perceptions of Microsoft employees? What are Microsoft employee’s perception of nonprofits? It gives them to opportunity to gain understanding of both sides.

It was a great day filled with some great trainers. Jennifer Boehme Kumar, Service Bureau, lead us through the basics of the nonprofit sector; delivering some shocking statistics to participants. Then we moved on to financials with Nathan Hartman, Peterson Sullivan CPA. The group had great questions about how to read financial statements, legal responsibilities and other fiduciary issues. We quickly then had a great discussion in the Q&A Panel. Representatives from The Alexander Hamilton Friends Association, Community for Youth, Many Lights Foundation and Team Up For Nonprofits. We then took a nice lunch break and headed over to the Microsoft cafeteria, wood-fired pizza, fresh salads and pasta dishes – just to name a few things that this “cafeteria” has as options.

After our wood-fired pizza, we jumped right back on “the bridge.” Fundraising can be a scary, daunting task, if asked to do it, but Sergey Smirnov, Hamilin School & Seattle Works Board, made it sound fun and exciting to the participants; easing their fears and giving them helpful tips. After learning all about fundraising, Mike took it away with Microsoft in the Nonprofit World.

It was a great day, filled with great participation and questions about board service.

Do you want the opportunity to have The Bridge come to your company?
Contact Bevin Wong, for information about our corporate trainings. 

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