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Seattle Works Staff is Thankful For… November 22, 2012

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Why are you thankful to be a part of the Seattle Works team?

Andy – “What I love most about working at Seattle Works is that I can go to work every day and just be myself. I’m so fortunate to work with folks who are funny, friendly and open-minded.”

Tomilyn – “I’m thankful to work in an office full of people passionate about what they’re doing and eager to help each other out. I’m also thankful to be doing work that I truly believe in, work that directly impacts the community I love and helps develop emerging leaders in Seattle. And I’m thankful that some of my co-workers are amazing bakers.”

Bevin – “I fee so lucky to be a part of the Seattle Works team because every single week I get to hear and see the incredible impact our programs are having on individuals and our community.  I’m so proud to play a part in making life just a little bit better.”

Irina – “I’m thankful to be part of the Seattle Works team because I work around and with people who inspire me every day – whether it be our staff, our community partners, or our awesome volunteers. Seeing Seattleites come together to make changes leaves me in awe – and assures me that what we do here at Seattle Works is truly important.”

Ben – “I am thankful to be part of such an exceptional program that inspires people to become volunteer leaders in their community. Whether they are teaching the program, gaining the knowledge, seeking out volunteer leaders, or some mix of all; the amount of community involvement that I experience on a daily basis is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I am thankful that we have such a large network of individuals who take their time to make an impact in their community.”

Katie – “Things I am thankful for…

– Getting to work with the savviest, sassiest, hard-working-est team in Seattle – we do a LOT with a little, and there’s no group I’d rather be stuck in a windowless room with for 2,000+ hours every year.

– Working for an organization that practices what it preaches! We know we can’t build a community of actively engaged Seattleites on our own – so we give people and organizations the resources they need to find their passion, make connections, lead and give back in whatever way makes sense for them.”

Tara – “I get to spend 40+ hours a week surrounded by positive, talented people who inspire me. I’m thankful to have a job where I mostly get to act like myself: absurd humor and a tendency to wear jeans can still equal professional. My work impacts more than a hundred local causes and organizations – at the risk of being too cheesy, that honestly feels like a gift to me personally to be able to do.”

From left: Tara, Katie, Bevin, Irina, Ben, Andy, Tomilyn

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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