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Four New HandsOn Leadership Projects Launch! December 3, 2012

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Something special happened last Thursday in a windowless conference room. 14 emerging leaders freshly minted as Hands On Leadership graduates got together with 4 Community Partners and together launched four unique projects that are going to make a big impact on our community.

HandsOn Leadership works two ways:

  • On the one side we have a group of people eager to invest their time and skills in their community, and build up their experience and capacity at the same time.
  • On the other side we have awesome Seattle nonprofits who have projects that need to be done, but are lacking the staff capacity to carry them out.

By connecting and facilitating between the two, Seattle Works develops leaders and helps nonprofits further their missions at the same time! It’s a win-win for everyone.

What are these super awesome projects that just kicked off?

Helping Link is working with Anna, John, Lomo, and Aya to build a strong recruitment and volunteer management system. With strong volunteer procedures, Helping Link will be able to make a larger impact on the Vietnamese community.

The World is Fun is joining forces with Kallie, Kayleigh, Sam, Arun, and Dustin to help work on a mural project. The HandsOn Leadership team will work to create the necessary transportation infrastructure to coordinate the 20+ internationally renowned artists coming to Seattle.

Youth in Focus pairs with Trinh, Hallah, and Mia for their second Hands On Leadership team that’s all about showcasing the amazing artwork their students create. Don’t be surprised if you see one of their art shows in a café near you.
Shoreline Community College Parent-Child Center is working with Drew, Henry, and Greg to create a natural and sustainable playground on campus. By creating an outdoor playing space it will allow parents to attend college while ensuring their kids are getting a high quality day care experience.

We’re so excited for these great projects that are just getting started! And as you can see from the pictures our teams are pretty excited too.


Enable Seattle Works to kick off more of these projects in 2013. Give a gift today!


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