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Team Works Teams Make An Impact! Project Review From 2012 December 4, 2012

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Team Works – one of our best programs for giving back to different community partners while volunteering with awesome people – has made major impacts all over Seattle this past year. Not only have our teams gotten more involved with community issues, while having a blast – but they’ve done so by volunteering at 56 different organizations. Yes, that’s right – 56!

Here’s a list of the organizations, by impact area, that Team Works teams have donated their time to:



Community/Civic Engagement



Food Services


Social Services

Now that you’ve looked over this mighty impressive list, think about this – who do you know that’s involved with these organizations?

Whether it’s a sibling that goes to one of the schools, or a friend who has needed the shelter that ROOTS provides, or you’ve volunteered yourself at one of these places – these organizations are a hugely important part of our community! The work done by awesome Seattle Works volunteers strengthens the organizations and their programs by allowing them to use their resources for other priorities.

If donating to allow programs such as Team Works isn’t necessary – I’m not sure what is!

Give a gift to Seattle Works today:


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