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Invest in the connector–multiply your impact! December 7, 2012

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When people ask me what Seattle Works does, my first response is always “We’re a connector!” What does that mean? We connect the power of many to make a big impact in our community.

Take our newest event, Chip In, as an example. Not many of us have $1,000 to donate to our favorite nonprofit organizations–but most of us can scrounge up $20. At Chip In, Seattle Works brings together 50 people to chip in $20 each, and at the end of the night, we’re able to give away hundreds of dollars in grants to a handful of organizations. So while your $20 might not go far by itself, with the Seattle Works glue, it goes a long way.

How long? This past August, Chip In raised:

  • $305 for Zeno to buy 61 take-home math games for families who attend MathFests across Seattle area this year.
  • $270 to Magnuson Nature Programs to provide field trips for students at Sand Point Elementary to visit and learn about their local ecosystem at Magnuson Park.
  • $360 for Youth in Focus to provide opening night receptions in celebration of traveling shows of student photography around the city in 2013.

We made that twenty bucks go pretty far, huh? And it doesn’t stop there: we’re hosting our next Chip In on January 30th at Material Good’s studio in SoDo. We’re going to pack the house–so stay tuned.

This is all to say, if you love a good investment, want to maximize the power of your impact, invest in Seattle Works! Whether you’re giving your money, your skill, your time, or your voice, we make the connections that multiply your impact.

Give today!


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