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Small Faces Puts A Smile On Our Face! December 7, 2012

Filed under: Hot Projects,Team Works,Volunteer — seattleworks @ 10:51 am

Small Faces Child Development Center is currently in a fundraising campaign for themselves, but they appreciate the work of Seattle Works’ volunteers so much that they couldn’t help but contribute to our annual giving campaign too. Plus they’re providing a match for each donation themselves! 

Their fantastic Facebook post reads (in addition to the awesome picture): “We’re collecting donations for Seattle Works for one week. Small Faces will match donations made by parents. Seattle Works is a wonderful organization that connects volunteers with groups who need them. This year they have scrubbed classroom floors, applied miles of paint and kept our trees and bushes trimmed. Just a few dollars from each family is all it takes.”

And our volunteers don’t stop! We have 2 Team Works teams coming this Sat 12/8 to give the Small Faces facility a face-lift! We can’t wait to hear what a great time our volunteers had – as they always do.

Thank you for your support, Small Faces!

We loved helping 152 organizations this year – help us continue impacting more organizations in 2013 by giving to Seattle Works today!


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