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Meet Some Rock Stars! December 9, 2012

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Have you heard? Our annual giving campaign is happening RIGHT NOW! It’s two weeks and we have an ambitious goal to raise $17,000 for Seattle Works. We’ve enlisted some of our volunteers to help us, because well – we just can’t do it alone!

40 Seattle Works supporters (volunteers, leaders, community partners, etc.) have stepped up to be Rock Stars.  We thought we’d let them tell you why they chose to be a Rock Star this year and why they are supporting Seattle Works!

Rock Star Tyler

It’s time to get jolly.

In the fall of 2007, I was interested in building my leadership skills and learning about ways to get involved in my community. I came across an advertisement for The Bridge online, and signed up to take the course. It was a great course and an awesome experience. I signed up to receive the Seattle Works newsletter (email and you can get hooked up too) right after the Bridge, and five months later, I saw a posting in the weekly email for a staff position at Seattle Works. I applied for the job and became part of the Seattle Works team.

My four-plus years of behind-the-scenes experience with this organization gave me fantastic insight into how much work gets done at Seattle Works with an incredibly small amount of resources. They are small, scrappy, nimble, and innovative. With a team of seven (SEVEN!), this staff accomplishes more than many organizations with three or four times the staff. How? They do all of this by being geniuses at what they do, and by harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of the community to make change. There are more leaders in this city because of Seattle Works, and its citizens are more engaged, more informed, and sometimes more entertained…

Think about it — it’s like magnified difference-making.

Get jolly. Support this amazing work.

Rock Star Irfan!

An Open Invitation to “Do Something”
I first became involved with Seattle Works two years ago. I initially joined as a member of the social media committee on the suggestion of my coworker who leads it. Since then, I’ve slowly become more involved by captaining a Seattle Works Day team and assisting in the annual giving campaign. This surprised me because I always considered myself a follower and never a leader. I cannot say that I’m any good at any of it or that I’m involved as much as I’d like; but, by becoming involved in Seattle Works I’m taking that initial step to “do something.”

For me, Seattle Works is about pushing myself and testing my limits – even if I don’t know what I’m quite doing. I’m a believer in the phrase “fake it till you make it” – except I believe that true “fakers” actually learn something along the way. I didn’t know much about social media before joining the Seattle Works committee, but just by being around my bright and talented committee members I have learned a lot – especially that people appreciate me trying. My committee members don’t care that I don’t know everything about social media, but they care that I make an effort ,that I am eager to learn and that I help to the best of my abilities.

I also don’t know a lot about fundraising, but that isn’t stopping me from trying. As many of you know, we are in the midst of our annual giving campaign once more so please consider making a small gift to Seattle Works.

Here’s a link for you:

Above all else, Seattle Works has helped me learn that there are many ways to give – money, time, knowledge and appreciation. 

Rock Star Thomas!

His ask letter that went out to his friends, family and network at large.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is that time of the year again – for the third year, I come to you, my friends and family, and ask you to join me in giving to Seattle Works. If that is all you need to hear, feel free to click here. Otherwise, please read on.

I am not going to regale you with stories of why I think Seattle Works is great. I am about to complete my sixth year of volunteering with my Seattle Works team (shout out A Team!). I just finished my second year of service on the board of directors of Seattle Works. In November, my fellow directors elected me to serve as the president of the board for 2013. To understate it, I think that Seattle Works’s mission of connecting people to their community is important.

In previous years, I have told you about how Seattle Works has affected my life – connecting me to friends and the city in which I live. Today, I would like to tell you how I hope to affect Seattle Works. Some context: Seattle Works, like all organizations, faces challenges. Specifically, Seattle Works is transitioning from a staffing model that relies on federally funded AmeriCorps members to a model where Seattle Works directly employs its entire staff. Given the issues with fiscal cliffs and other crevices in national politics, it is simply not responsible for Seattle Works to continue to rely on AmeriCorps to accomplish its mission. The upshot is that we will face increasing staffing costs at a time when corporate sponsorship is down.

In essence, that is the challenge and my mission over the next year. How do we grow our staff, increase our impact, reach more people, and do so in a difficult environment? Is it daunting? Of course. Is it discouraging? Far from it. Instead, Seattle Works will do what it has done for the last 23 years: adapt and thrive. We will rely on the same things that have brought us this far: the ingenuity and generosity of the people who know and love us.

I am really optimistic. 2014 will be Seattle Works’s 25th anniversary. While that in and of itself is an accomplishment, it is my responsibility to ensure that we start the next 25 years strongly. I ask you to join me in this. I would love to tell you that this will be the last time I ask for your support this year but that would be a lie. Instead, I will ask you to join me at Seattle Works Day and at Swank. I will ask you to volunteer in your community, whether that is with Seattle Works or not. I will ask you for your ideas about how to lead and how to help Seattle Works over the next year. I cannot do this alone – I need the same group of people that have helped me to this point.

Please consider giving to Seattle Works today. Here is the link. There is no suggested amount – give as you see fit. No amount is too small as no amount is too large. As importantly as a gift today, please think about Seattle Works in 2013 and how you can be involved – whether that means joining a Team Works team, taking the Bridge, telling someone about the opportunities that Seattle Works offers, or giving me advice about the next step. There is no such thing as too many people being involved in their community and there is no surplus of good advice.

Thank you for reading. No sweat if you can’t give – I totally understand that we all face economic reality.

Have a good week,


Will you join these three (and the 37 other Rock Stars) and support our efforts to connect volunteers, develop emerging leaders and inspire dialogue? Give to Seattle Works today:


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