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Don’t Take Our Word For It…. December 10, 2012

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I can talk for a long time about how awesome Seattle Works is (and often do)- but nothing is more important than knowing how our participants value us so I’m turning the microphone over to them. Below are some quotes from our annual participant survey where we learn just why people keep on coming back to us.

Looking for ways to learn about different nonprofits in Seattle and learn where you can make the biggest impact with your passion?

“Seattle Works Hot Projects helped me “try out” different organizations to see which matched my values best before signing up to volunteer long term. Once I got involved with organizations that really make a difference in ways I didn’t anticipate, it motivated me to donate, which I would not have done without the opportunity to work with them through Seattle Works.”

We value our volunteers! And it shows, because they keep coming back and bringing their friends.

“I have referred many people to Seattle Works – people who I know are smart, engaging, and committed to their community. Seattle Works is an EXCELLENT catalyst for individual and community development – and is highly accessible to anyone who wants to be involved.”

“After my first Swank event, I now recommend Seattle Works ALL the time to people looking to plug into the community and volunteer, building leadership skills, etc.”

And sometimes we help give a little push to people ready to leap into a lifetime of service.

“Seattle works has been one of the factors weighing heavily on my decision to pursue a career in non-profit leadership.”

“Seattle Works was a catalyst for my choice to be more bold about becoming a civic leader.”

So what are you waiting for? Keep supporting Seattle Works and keep supporting emerging leaders. Just click here!


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