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We’re Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ To The Goal December 11, 2012

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We are halfway to our goal of raising $17,000 by Friday!

We wouldn’t be able to rock our community without the generous support of not only donors, but the 40+ volunteers that are helping us fundraise, our Rock Stars. Here we are, Tuesday of the second and final week of the annual giving campaign, and they are rockin’! Here are some comments left by donors and rock stars during the campaign. They are too good not to share with all of you.

  • Let’s do this!
  • Keep up the important work!rockstar10
  • Seattle Works Rocks!! 🙂
  • Good cause. Good luck.
  • Because Sarah Haeger Rocks.
  • In memory of Jennifer Russell.
  • LOVE Seattle Works!
  • This one for Jadine, David, Isaac, & Sir Lion!
  • Woo Go Team!rockstar5
  • Save the world, Kitty!
  • You da man!
  • I asked myself. Turns out I was very generous…as usual.
  • Go Katie!
  • Good luck hitting your goal Brittanie!
  • Merry Christmas Ashley & Austin!
  • Keep up the great work!rockstar11
  • Go Irfan! It’s great volunteering with you & Seattle Works.
  • Really nice guy.
  • Go, A-Team!
  • Please tell her to stop pestering me. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, the John Cusak boom-box outside          at 3 in the morning “was a bit excessive.”
  • I fully support “Kyrk Shinola” and think he does great work for Seattle Works!
  • Thomas is awesome.rockstar12
  • Ben + all of SW = awesome!
  • 40 for Tyler’s 40th – happy birthday!
  • Ashley rocks!
  • Go Gillian!
  • Love ya Brotha!
  • Great work Bex, keep it up =)

There you have it! Your support and comments are a constant reminder of why Seattle Works is such an important part of the community. Not to mention the fact that some of those were just hilarious! We’d love to feature your comments in another post later this month!

Give as little or as much as you can – we’ll put your gift to good use: rockstar7

Make a badge just like the ones above:

Thanks to Tina Turner for helping us get a “rollin'” headline.


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