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Winning 25k and other tales of kicking butt from HandsOn Leadership December 12, 2012

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HandsOn Leadership is a win-win: volunteers gain practical leadership and the chance to make an impact and nonprofits get a team of highly skilled and passionate leaders to complete a project.  Here’s a recap of all the current and completed projects that HandsOn Leadership graduates have been involved with in 2012.


Zeno has a really fantastic math fair that communities across the US want to replicate! What they didn’t have was an easy way to do so. Our HandsOn Leadership team stepped in and collaborated to create a guide to starting a math fair at your own school.

Low Income Housing Institute does amazing work helping low income, homeless, and formerly homeless people in Washington state but had a minimal social media presence- so some HandsOn Leadership veterans stepped in and are creating a social media strategy. Considering they just won the Home Depot Aprons in Action contest, worth $25,000, it appears to be working very well!

Youth in Focus had a team of volunteers they liked so much they signed up for another round of HOL! The volunteers hung teenagers’ photography around Seattle in various cafes- giving them their first shot at exposure to the community. The team is now helping training our new HandsOn Leadership crew making sure the photography of these kids continues to be visible.

Magnuson Community Center loves their HOL team- the team helps organize educational activities for kids in the community as well as fundraising. The team has been working there for almost a year and Magnuson just can’t get enough! The team has decided to continue volunteering a part from their original project.

Besides these four teams, HandsOn Leadership grads this year have led projects at Lettuce Link, Imagine Housing, Vittana, Wallingford Child Care Center, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Cascades Science Center Foundation, and many more! We always work with a diverse group of organizations so that leaders can find a project that suits their passion.

Want to help develop leaders and keep supplying skilled volunteers to deserving organizations? It’s easy- just donate today! After all- the best gift is one that impacts the whole community.


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