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The Verdict Is In – Seattle Works is Pretty Awesome! December 13, 2012

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Last week, we gave you a list of many organizations that Team Works teams volunteered for. You may be thinking, “Well, of course they make their teams sounds awesome – it’s their job. Maybe these organizations didn’t enjoy the company of Seattle Works volunteers!” (very Grinch-like, we know – but hey, we don’t know what you’re thinking!).

Well, here’s something to soothe your restless thoughts: quotes taken from emails, FB posts, tweets – and whatever else I could get my hands on – to show just how appreciative our community partners are!

At ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, our volunteers help provide healthy meals so their guests, who seek shelter and food nightly, can get the nourishment they need!

  • Chelsea Stevenson – ROOTS: “I facilitated the project last Thursday, October 25th and thought it went just great. All of the volunteers showed up promptly and were very attentive to their tasks. Everyone worked hard and it was great to have them as we were very prepared for shelter that night. Thank you for your support in the work we do here at ROOTS!”
  • Leah Gustitus – ROOTS: “It has been a huge help on our end to have the crews come in and help with dinner!”

Amigos de las Americas has counted on help from our volunteers 2 years in a row to send groups of 25 teenagers to Latin America to work on community development projects by helping send out letters.

  • Tara Martin – Amigos de las Americas: “Seattle Works volunteers have helped us in past years.  Last year I got to meet some, and they were a great help!”

Our volunteers have accomplished tasks such as clearing out remaining invasive plants to planting trees and ground covers to mulching. Hard work  but they always manage to have a great time!

  • Kari Olson – Friends of Interlaken Park: “Last Saturday was fantastic!  Bex’s team of 9 had to keep moving to keep warm…working in a mixed bag of tasks managed BIG satisfying results.”

Once a month, our volunteers sort donations, including clothing and toys, and fill orders of essential items for children. With the help of our volunteers, WestSide Baby is able to process and give out orders faster – ensuring that each family gets what they really need.

  • Maria Groen – WestSide Baby: “Without exception, Seattle Works volunteers are energetic, focused and fun!  WestSide Baby is very grateful for the support we get from Hot Projects and Team Works volunteers. Seattle Works is the best!”

Help keep up this amazing work. Donate to Seattle Works today, and keep your community rockin’!


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