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Meet Samanta Cross, a true Seattle Works Rock Star! December 14, 2012

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that we think our programs are top-notch–but as much as we love what we do, we know we’re only half of the equation. Without our volunteers and community partners, we can’t make the connections that make a big difference in this city we love!

So what happens when Seattle Works’ programs and stellar volunteers combine forces? A lot, if you’re Samanta Cross! Hot Project volunteer, Annual Campaign Rock Star, HandsOn Leadership and Bridge alum, Sam is the kind of person we feel lucky to have in our corner. Though she just started with Seattle Works earlier this year, she’s taking off! Because she’s already participated in three of our programs this year, we asked Sam to talk a little about her experience with Seattle Works and this is what she had to say:

1.       Which Seattle Works programs have you participated in this year? Hot Projects, The Bridge, and HandsOn Leadership. As a result of those last two, I’m working on theRockstar fundraiser right now, as well as a really awesome project with The World is Fun (it involves walls, paint, and international street artists!). We have a new project of sorts going on as well, but that one is still in the making, so I still don’t have lots of details to share

2.       What drew you to Seattle Works—and why do you keep coming back? Back in Mexico I used to do a lot of volunteering and leadership programs, but my husband is form the US, so we decided to come live here for a while. When my husband and I moved to Seattle last year, we didn’t know anyone. In fact, we had never been to the city before! (he is from MI). Which was a very cool, adventurous feeling at first, but got a bit lonely after some months. Then, while trying to network to find a better job, I met Cate Bardelson. She told me about SW and how awesome it was, and it seemed like it was exactly what I needed to meet people and get back into volunteering. Now I keep coming back for many reasons. For example, Hot Projects are an awesome way to give back without feeling overwhelmed. Programs like The Bridge and HandsOn Leadership are perfect to continue learning and a great way to network. And honestly, it is just invigorating to be surrounded by people who care about making a difference, who are passionate about their communities and willing to give their time and enthusiasm to a good cause! Every time I do something with SW, I leave feeling energized, even after a long day!

3.       What has been your most memorable experience with Seattle Works so far?

Well, they have all been good experiences in one way or another. Getting my hands dirty un-attaching wheels from bikes that would go to Africa was surprisingly satisfying on an early Saturday morning! And I really enjoyed The Bridge, just because there were so many inspiring people there! But HandsOn Leadership probably takes the cake because on top of it all, it connected me with a project that I am really, really excited about!! Seriously, it is going to be awesome!

4.       What’s your next step—Seattle Works-related or otherwise?

Right now my attention is focused on the Rockstar fundraiser. After that, my goal will be to make our project with TWIF a huge success! Come January I will be joining a team for that new project I mentioned in Q#1. Between that and continuing to search for a job I love and finishing my Masters degree, I think I’m in for a very busy 2013. But far from daunting, I find that exciting! My schedule is finally going back to what it was in Mexico: lots of volunteering, lots of challenges, lots of opportunities to give back and share and grow. Seattle has finally started to feel like home

Want to help Seattle Works continue supporting incredible Seattleites like Sam? Give today!

(From all of us at Seattle Works–thanks Samanta!)


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