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Rock Star Comments Keep ‘Rollin” In December 19, 2012

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The Annual Campaign is still rollin’ along! We have about $1,300 left to hit our $17,000 goal by the end of the year! That’s an incredible display of how our Rock Stars have been truly ROCKIN’. If we get 38 more donors to give $50 each, we’ll hit the target!

So here are some more comments that have made us laugh, feel all warm and fuzzy, and show appreciation for our awesome Rock Stars:

-Your wonderful volunteers have been so helpful with our charity, Bicycles for Humanity Seattle. Thank you! Susan & Frank Finneran
-Thanks, again! Keep up the good work!
-Thanks for all you have done for Small Faces
-Go Seattle Works!
-In honor of Nathan Box
-Cash Donation from Employees of Performance Kia
-Keep Rocking It Brittanie
-We’ll always give whatever we can to help Seattle Works keep on rockin’. Miss you all!
-Happy Birthday, Tyler! And yay! Go Seattle Works! You’re a love for a lifetime.
-THANKS to all of you for the work you do in our community!!
-Seattle Works staff, volunteers, organization is wonderful!
-Keep up the great work!
-Thomas is awesome.
-Seattle Works is a great cause!
-Please continue rockin 🙂
-Thank her for asking
-I heart Seattle Works!
-Can’t say no to Erica!! She’s wonderful…
-Because Sarah Haeger Rocks.
-To support Truffle Shuffle
-Ashley rocks!
-Wish I had more to give
-Merry Christmas –good luck!
-Way to go Liz!
-Save the world, kitty!
-Seattle Works rocks!!
-Lizzy Rocks!!
-Pushing you over the top!
-Go, Amy, go!
-Hi Tara!
-The ultimate (team gold) Rock Star!!
-Good luck toward your goal!!!
-I wish it could be more!
-She rocks!! So proud of everything she does!
-Seattle Works is a wonderful organization with an amazing staff that helps others to rock their community!!
-Bevin’s a tremendous asset to Seattle Works!

Please consider giving to Seattle Works this season. No gift is too small or too large to make an impact in the community.

Give today!


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