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Liz Morris fuels her professional productivity with lattes January 7, 2013

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1. Name: Liz Morris

    Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

    Years in Seattle: 10

    Occupation: Small Business Manager

2. Where is your favorite place to go in Seattle?

Far too many amazing choices! Cal Anderson Park is an excellent place to see the diversity of Seattle. Suzzallo Library on the UW campus is stunning, and the Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint is an incredible place to watch the sun set.

3. Your first interaction with Seattle Works was…?

As a Team Works team captain in 2008. It was a great opportunity to meet other young professionals, learn about nonprofit organizations doing powerful work in our community (such as Northwest Harvest and PROVAIL), and to actually participate in supporting their missions. The excellent programming and support provided by Seattle Works leadership and staff helped our team in experiencing really successful volunteer events, and I’ve been hooked on Seattle Works ever since!

4. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in the Seattle area?

For the consistent and affordable deliciousness: Machiavelli’s on lower Capitol Hill serves up incredible Italian food that rocks my world every time…they have a fantastic penne with roasted pepper pesto, and I always get it with a gorgonzola salad to start, some red wine, and an unladylike amount of their olive bread with balsamic vinaigrette. SO GOOD! It’s a great date night spot, too!    For the overall extra-fancy experience:  I had a 4 hour family-style meal at Sitka and Spruce in the Melrose Market one evening, and every single thing that I ate was something new to me and excellent. That, combined with wonderful company and a very accomodating sommelier, led to the overall best dining experience I’ve had in Seattle!

5. Are you involved with any other Seattle nonprofit organizations?

I volunteer with Magnuson Nature Programs as an extension of my experience with Seattle Works HandsOn Leadership training, and also volunteer with Seattle Public Library.

6. Which coffee shop do you frequent most?

Mioposto in Mt. Baker is a small neigborhood cafe right across the street from my office, and their lattes fuel my professional productivity!

7. What three words best describe your experience with Seattle Works?

Energizing, illuminating, consistent

8. Mariners, Sounders, or Seahawks?

I like them all, but I love my Huskies. Go Dawgs!

9.  What is your most (or first) memorable volunteer experience?

My brother, Dad and I volunteered with the Special Olympics when I was still in elementary school, and it sticks in my memory as the first time I realized that my time and energy could contribute positively to the experience of others.

10. What makes someone a Seattleite?

A deeply held conviction that Seattle is truly one of the best places in the world to live, and a desire to repeatedly test that conviction through actively seeking diverse experiences such as travel, employment, escapades in nature, Underdog sports leagues, etc. That, and a pronounced Vitamin D deficiency.


This weekly 10 question profile is Seattle Works way of highlighting and saying THANK YOU to all that our volunteers, leaders, community partners, board members, committee members, etc do for our community! We’re asking the same 10 questions to various Seattle Works participants as a fun way to feature the different ways to be involved with Seattle Works and in Seattle.

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P.S. In case you’re interested, the inspiration behind these interviews comes from NY Mag’s weekly blog post.


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