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Hot Project Coordinators Hit The Ground Running! January 12, 2013

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Wednesday 1/9/13 was pretty great: I met our fantastic Hot Project Coordinators – and they received the information needed to be an awesome and effective coordinator!

Here’s some of what they learned:

  • Why their leadership is so essential: they keep everyone up-to-date via email, facilitate attendance, help manage projects, lead the group in reflection and plan social outings. Sounds like a pretty important role to me!
  • Requirements: they have to coordinate 3 projects every quarter (1 each month, 3 in 1 month and nothing the other 2 – they can switch it up), and attend at least 1 out of the 3 events we will hold yearly. Now, we won’t break anyone’s arm to enforce these – but it’s nice to have some guidelines.
  • Why attendance is so important: we want to know which projects are successful, and be able to show awesome results to our Board of Directors, HandsOn Network affiliates, major donors, etc. Essentially, we want to brag about our volunteers!
  • Have fun: this is the most important lesson! Volunteering and giving back should be fun – and we can’t wait to hear all the stories for 2013.

Here were some of the questions the coordinators had for us:

  • Q: Can we somehow show on the calendar which projects need coordinators, and which don’t?
  • A: Yes, yes we can! We are looking into what will work best.
  • Q: Will we get in trouble if we don’t hit the 3 projects every quarter requirement?
  • A: Of course not! We understand you have jobs, friends, family, etc. While we would like our coordinators to be that involved – we can always work something out.

Want to join this awesome community? You’re in luck – we start recruiting for new Project Coordinators in Feb! Email me at and we’ll get you started!


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